The Perfect Way to Explore Naples

When you have shared with others that you intend to be in Naples for spending your vacation then you must have received a mixed response. Some may have encouraged you to be there due to the fact that it is the home of pizza, gelato, mandolin playing musicians and the mesmerizing, rust-red volcano, Vesuvius and plenty of art and history in its atmospheric streets. Some may have cited incidents of theft or robbery. It is wise to be there and experience the extravagant city being a part of your Sightseeing Tours in Naples Italy.

We are committed to arranging for you a safe, enjoyable and comfortable sightseeing tour of Naples Italy. We provide the highest standard of transfer service that helps in exploring the stunning city of Naples in a convenient way. With our professional transfer service and an experienced English-speaking driver, private guide, you will be able to witness the incredible natural beauty and feel the legendary hospitality.

Sightseeing Tours in Naples Italy

It would be wise to know in advance; where should you visit while you are in Naples. This knowledge will help you not to miss any place which may have considerable importance. A visit to Naples would be incomplete if you do not visit the Roman town of Pompeii that got submerged in volcanic ash. You would love to wander through its stone streets, admire the frescos in the Villa Dei Misteri and Casa del Centenario, and view its ancient temples.

Mount Vesuvius is hard to ignore when you are in Naples. We will bring you to Mount Vesuvius Park, dropping you part way up the slope. From here you’ll have to hike the last half-mile up the volcano, about a 15 / 20-minute walk.

It would not be fair if you do not taste the Neapolitan pizza which is typically deep-pan with a thick crust, but they have got dough-making down to a fine art here so the pizza base is surprisingly fluffy and light. When after tasting the pizza and wanting to be at the various museums like National Archaeological Museum of Naples or be at San Severo Chapel Museum to view the Veiled Christ then we are capable of arranging for you the best transfers service and reliable guide to provide an authentic travel experience. Our main aim is to ensure the highest level of comfort and convenience for your Sightseeing Tours in Naples Italy.

You can also be to the island of Capri, explore the markets of Naples or be at the beaches of Sorrento to enjoy most. We will always be with you to provide the best selection of well-maintained fleets, from which you can choose the suitable one for your tours.

If you wish to have such an experience of Sightseeing Tours in Naples Italy then you need to be with Positano Limo Service. You can easily book your tour and vehicle by calling us at (+39) 339 7087359.

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