Why book Private Limo Service for Day Tour from Rome to Pompeii?

Do you have a fascination for Roman history, and you think of getting exposed to it soon even though you don’t have much time? May be you are amused with the ancient history of Rome and nurturing a secret desire to visit Pompeii city while holidaying in Rome this year. There is comfortable and convenient option of day tour from Rome to Pompeii to let you explore this ancient town-city in Rome which was ruined by volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and has continued to be high on to-do list of Rome vacationers. Buried under the volcanic ash, Pompeii feels like an excavated wonder and is therefore recognised as a World heritage site. Though a day won’t be just enough to discover this frozen city, still most of its attractions can be covered while using a private limo service with professional chauffeurs for your day tour transportation from Rome to Pompeii.


The day tour from Rome to Pompeii will take you to the archeologically preserved site which stands as a scary testimony of the ruined city’s existence at that time, since when it was engulfed by the volcanic ash. This ancient city attracts large number of tourists each year to its cathedral Shrine of Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary, a minor Basilica which collects and keeps thousands of votive paintings. It is respected and visited by Christians all across the world. On the special days of prayers offerings to Virgin Mary including 8th May and 1st Sunday in October of every year, the Pompeii city serves as pilgrimage spot to more than 6 million people who arrive here by hiring private transportation or specially arranged buses. Apart from the excavations and the Amphitheatre, this city hides many exclusive treasures like the House of Sallustio, House of the Faun, The Forum, The Lupanar, The Stabian Baths, The Western Houses, The Villa of Mysteries, The Street of Tombs, The House of Meander and more that must be seen. Taking a day tour from Rome to Pompeii arranged with private limo transportation, you can freely move around the city in sheer comfort to see everything amazing that relates to its legendry history.


Getting down at Naples station in Italy, you can easily book private limo service to enjoy a day tour from Rome to Pompeii and see almost all of its attractions in that day itself. If you have limited time within which you like to visit every place here, plan a day tour from Rome to Pompeii with private limo service provider who can show you more on a single day and don’t let you miss you anything important here. With the luxury, comfort and convenience of limo ride, you can’t forget the charm of moving around the Pompeii city and covering the best of its attractions possible in a day.

Whether it is the site of the streets, the building, the frescoes, the paints and crafts or the pots, everything can be explored with great relaxation in Pompeii city with private luxury limo transportation around the city. And even if your day tour from Rome to Pompeii does not include transportation service, you can still call for private limo service of Positano Limo Service to help you spend a day visiting all of city’s major attractions. It has experienced drivers to pick you up from Naples station and drive you for an unforgettable day long city tour before dropping off at the station to board your train again.

To book the most satisfying and the best rated private limos service for your day tour from Rome to Pompeii, Positano Limo Service can be reached at (+39) 388 5859682. With luxury models like Mercedes Benz, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet and many more in its fleet, it assures to make your Pompeii day tour a memorable experience. To enquire about the vehicles and their hiring rates for a day, you can send it a mail via support@positanolimoservice.com. Don’t forget to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social networks!

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